Eye Remedy

Eye Remedy


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Age minimizing, eye brightening cream utlizes all-trans retinol to soften lines and wrinkles.

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Lines and wrinkles are softened and appear reduced with non-irritating micro-encapsulated all-trans retinol.

  • Vitamin K helps improve surface micro-circulation to reduce the look of puffiness.
  • Rosemary, green tea and ellagic acid deliver antioxidant protection to minimize collagen degradation.
  • Urea provides skin nourishing moisture.
  • Eucalyptus provides a refreshing sensation.

Apply to clean, dry skin around the eye area.

Delivers hydration with medical grade hyaluronic acid which binds 1,000 times it’s weight in moisture to keep skin comfortable.

  • Helps reduce under eye puffiness with rosemary extract.
  • Algae extract helps skin feel tighter.
  • Undereye darkness is improved with ferulic and phytic acids.
  • Zinc gluconate and copper gluconate contribute to healthier skin.
  • Eucalyptus extract refreshes the under eye area.

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